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Henry Gray (1825–1861). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918

Hey there, beautiful, strange, you. I know this is a weird place to be. Let me explain.

What is Process Art?

Process art is not primarily focused on the final art piece or performance but on the making of the thing.  The conception of the art, the people who help you make it,  the why of it, the how of it, the unexpected developments of it through change, time and experiment is as important as what results. The irregularity, the decomposition, the flaws, the incompleteness are all part of the beauty. The relationship between the artist and audience should be transparent and throughout sometimes engaging the audience as participant. The Process Art Movement first began in the 1960s and has roots in Dada, performance art, and improvisational theatre and dance. This all sounds quite serious but it is serious fun, collaboration and creates an environment of life as art.


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