“The purpose of life is to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt


Summer 2019

What is Process Design?

Process design is not primarily focused on the final product but on the making of the thing.  The focus is on the  concept and the method of development. The why of it, the how of it, the unexpected developments of it through change, time and experiment is as important as what results.

It's about the experience of the creative team as much as it is for the audience member or client or end user.  And guess what? Because you didn't focus on the result but on the process, the performance or event or product is better for it. Any irregularities,  flaws, or happy accidents end up to be a delight not a failure because the structure you built with the  day-to-day joy of doing, is structurally sound. When you create and build with this method, the empathy and joy you bring to it is imbued into what you are building.

The relationship between the artists and audience or client should be transparent and engage EVERYONE as participants  in the making. In the end, it is about all of us and how we are all connected. We use art and product and performance to connect with other people whether to inspire or delight or teach or sooth or help life be just a little bit better because we don't feel so alone. This all sounds quite serious but it is serious fun where, yes, finally,  everyday life is art and we can share our art and pass this process on to others.

The Original Process Art Movement first began in the 1960s and has roots in Dada, performance art, and improvisational theatre and dance.


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