I will be choosing top 25 and writing stories about on the job experiences for a short story collection.

For $53.00 dollars, I will record an audio story personally for you. Just pick a job and Venmo me @JeanMstrong

Annapolis/Anne Arundel County/Eastern Shore Maryland
High School and Summer Home from College and couple years after (1982-1992)

1.Weighing People and Taking Blood Pressure In White Outfit for a weight loss center (but I'm not a nurse)

2. Line cook

3. Busboy

4. Cocktail waitress

5.  Pizza parlor cashier

6.Boarding school music teacher

7. State health dept collector of samples of natural waters for fecal content testing

8. Telemarketer- selling timeshares in Florida (you've won a free gift!)

9. Deli meats slicing girl

10. Bagel counter girl

11. Substitute teacher

12. Bookkeeper for home business


UMBC College Years 1986-1990

13. Record store clerk

14. 80's Fashion "Units" salesgirl

15. Arts features writer

16.Cocktail bar pianist

17.Actor in touring company

Dec 1991- Nov 1992

18.50's diner soda fountain girl

19. Door-to-Door National Healthcare Fundraiser

20. Nouvelle cuisine waitress next door to BSO

21. Waitress at Baltmore Museum of Art Cafe

22. Telemarketer Selling Graves at a Cemetary

23. Telemarketer Selling Season Opera Tickets

24. Door-to-Door US Census Collector

New Hampshire
Summer of 1992

25. Summer Camp Theater/Musical Director

Namazu Japan
Sept. 1993- Dec. 1995

26.Not a Very Good English Teacher

Washington DC
Jan to Aug 1991

27.Music Recording Studio Intern

28. Comedy Improv Group Member


Dec 1995- Jan 1999

29. Hospice Receptionist

30. Genzyme BioTech Receptionist

31.BBN Acounts Payable Clerk

32. Computer Trainer

33. Collator of Business Training Seminar Materials

34. Boston Public Substitute Teacher

35. Timesheet Administrator

36. Computer Help Desk

37. Helped Friend (in small way) Start Internet Company

38.Arts Coordinator

39. Video Store Clerk

New York City
Feb 1999-present

40. NYC Gov Agency IT Consultant

41. Web Designer for Cosmetics Company Magazine

42. Graphic/Web Designer for Bank

43.  Video Producer for JP Morgan Bank

44.  Social Media Manager Treasury Bank

45.  Baruch College Digital Marketing Manager

46. Pharma Ad Agency

47. PR Agency for Arts

48.  Co-founder of Broadway marketing company

49. Hearst Corporation

50. JP Morgan Middle Marketing

51.Morgan Stanley

52. Brown Brothers Harrison