John Walker: The Musical (2004)

"A bold, moving score." - NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEWS

It's moments of most genuine interest can be found in the spirited musical offerings that lend this show its charisma. Led by a driving bunch of skilled musicians, the cast best show off their talents in song: the gamely vocal stylings of Scoop Slone, playing an evil Texan president, singing "If It Ain't in America" (a land of "baby wipes and civil rights!'); the plaintive tone of Amy McKee (as Mr. Lindh's mother) singing to her son a pledge of unconditional maternal love, "I Support You"; the anarchistic punk energy of Valerie Clift (as a Justice Department do-gooder) and Brian Charles Rooney (as Mr. Lindh), extolling the virtues of the "Whistleblower"; and the all-cast finale (and shows biggest hit) "Ballad of John Walker," with its moving spiritual-quality that got the audience clapping along, and waving small American flags distributed during the show."- NY TIMES

"John Walker: The Musical gives insight into why a modern American suburban boy would want to pursue a life based upon fundamentalist Muslim values and fight in a foreign war. It also delves into the feelings of confusion, paranoia and fear that have been interwoven in the current American social climate and how far those feelings can be manipulated and cultivated for political power and control. With rocking songs like "Taliban Plan," "Well if this Ain't America (I Don't Know What Is)" and "Don't Want No Chemicals Dumped on Me," your political anxieties will melt away and you will feel a subversive glee. - NCAC (National Coalition Against Censorship)