Domestic Bliss (1997)

Jean Strong wrote the book, music and lyrics to "Domestic Bliss," a musical theatre piece produced by an all-volunteer performing arts group. Jon Gilbert Leavitt of Radio Stonewall wrote, " What do you get when you cross Jerry Herman and John Waters? You get Walter Prince as Miss Leanne du Fontaine singing the title track from Jean Strong's "Domestic Bliss". This is “Female Trouble” meets “Mame” or Neely O'Hara's production of “Pink Flamingos”. This is funny stuff."

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Tri-Tragedy (1986)

By Aislinn Weidele, John Worley, Dawn Fraley, Jean Strong, Tracey Moore

Angry Ken(1998)

The Blue Dame (2012)

Passion, jealousy, and a mysterious woman: The formula for a violent clash in a seedy Baltimore motel in this comedy noir. Stop animation with Rabbit Peeps. Written, Directed and Music by Jean Strong. Photography and Lighting Design by Joseph E. Reid.